2015 Winners

Over 1,700 students signed up to participate in the 2015 Congressional App Challenge. Listed below the interactive map are the winners from each of the 116 districts that had submissions (organized alphabetically by state), along with the link to each app’s demonstration video.


  • AZ-06    Rep. David Schweikert: Ari Sokolov for the app, Charechat 


  • AR-02    Rep. French Hill: Michael Davis for the app, Situation Awareness
  • AR-03    Rep. Steve Womack: Marc Aranibar, Tyler Gay and Austin Shanley for the app, Virtual Reality Math
  • AR-04    Rep. Bruce Westerman: Ana Cruz, Star Lowrey, Shelly Whitt and Drake Streeter for the app, AR Schools


  • CA-02    Rep. Jared Huffman: Alexander Otavka for the app, TickTock
  • CA-10    Rep. Jeff Denham: Arturo Arias, Azucena Tellez, Stephanie Picos-Nunez and Emily Arias for the app, SketchBuddy
  • CA-11     Rep. Mark DeSaulnier: Trisha Sanghal, for the app, Music Makerz
  • CA-12     Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Brandon Fong, Caleb Kahookele, Jeremy Lin, and Christopher Lim for the app, VoteFor.Us
  • CA-13     Rep. Barbara Lee: Amanda Harris, Stacy Phan and Aliya Chambless for the app, GapJumper
  • CA-14     Rep. Jackie Speier: Alex Chin, Noelle Perinet, Carina Halcomb and Annika Chun for the app, TheAllergyApp
  • CA-15     Rep. Eric Swalwell: Shannon Yan, Malvika Singhal, Meenakshi Singhal and Sam DeCosta for the app, Tranquility
  • CA-17     Rep. Michael M. Honda: Arushi Shah for the app, DreamBuckt
  • CA-18     Rep. Anna G. Eshoo: Aimee An, Heejung Chung, Claire Huang for the app, Mezzo
  • CA-23     Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Shawn Hill, Eric Wilkins, and Krystal Mae Raynes for the app, Unidesence
  • CA-25     Rep. Steve Knight: Efrain Munoz for the app, Internet of Things Action
  • CA-28     Rep. Adam B. Schiff: Justin Park for the app, Digit
  • CA-29     Rep. Tony Cardenas: Bryan Rocha and Evelyn Gomez for the app, Infant Monitor
  • CA-39     Rep. Edward R. Royce: Andrew Rojas, Santiago Torres and Eric Liu for the app, Drop saver
  • CA-45     Rep. Mimi Walters: Shalin Shah for the app, Voice
  • CA-47     Rep. Alan Lowenthal: Anna Lou for the app, A Research-Based Interactive Application to Improve Chemistry Learning
  • CA-52      Rep. Scott Peters: Francisca Vasconcelos for the app, Quantum


  • CO-04     Rep. Ken Buck: Brad Cooley for the app, Crunch Time
  • CO-06     Rep. Mike Coffman: Lauren Weiss for the app, CHEM4Kids!


  • CT-01     Rep. John B. Larson: Robert Kondratovicz and Anthony Sebastian for the app, Roll-a-Ball
  • CT-02     Rep. Joe Courtney: Vittorio Papandrea for the app, Predicting the Stock Market
  • CT-04     Rep. Jim Himes: Komal Dhull, Dan Pfrommer, Kara O’Rourke and Nicholas Hartunian for the app, Project America
  • CT-05     Rep. Elizabeth Esty: Albert Gao and Ryan Lee for the app, Galaxy


  • DE-AL    Rep. John Carney: Emily Bravo, Julia Menardy, Minji Kong and Joy Lin for the app, VirDOC



  • GA-04     Rep. Henry “Hank” Johnson: Heru Samuel for the app, zTransfer
  • GA-07     Rep. Rob Woodall: Arjun Karanam for the app, Electoral College History
  • GA-11      Rep. Barry Loudermilk: Ryan Cobelli and Arvin Poddar for the app, GradeSpark


  • IL-05    Rep. Mike Quigley: Damian Medina for the app, MyVOTE
  • IL-08    Rep. Tammy Duckworth: Eric Pfister and Daeveion Rivera for the app, BookLogger
  • IL-09    Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Jimmy McDermott for the app, Prospect’s Underground
  • IL-10    Rep. Robert Dold: Sam Abdallah and Lucas Sacherer for the app, Green Light
  • IL-11     Rep. Bill Foster: Trisha Prabhu for the app, ReThink
  • IL-13     Rep. Rodney Davis: Bliss Chapman for the app, Wonderful Weather
  • IL-18     Rep. Darin LaHood:  To Be Announced


  • IN-05    Rep. Susan W. Brooks: Grayson Faircloth for the app, FHS Genius


  • IA-01     Rep. Rod Blum: Ariana Lucas, Kyle Scheer, Jordan Icenogle and Khadidja Elkeurti for the app, HelpWe
  • IA-02     Rep. Dave Loebsack: Reagan Ries, Jocoa Kerschen and Andrew Hingst for the app, Tiled Piano



  • LA-02     Rep. Cedric Richmond: Larron Randall and Doung Ngyuen for the app, SprayDay


  • ME-01     Rep. Chellie Pingree: Wil Losereewanich, John Zarate, Connor Bell, and Joseph Corwin for the app, Flex App


  • MD-04     Rep. Donna F. Edwards: Michelle Marsandi for the app, Hopping through Scales
  • MD-05     Rep. Steny Hoyer:  Alexander Lugo for the app, Little Elf
  • MD-06     Rep. John K. Delaney: Ana Elholm for the app, Animal Soundboard
  • MD-07     Rep. Elijah Cummings: Kevin Zheng for the app, Save the Chesapeake
  • MD-08     Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Gabe Udell, Daniel Chen and Eyob Tsegaye for the app, Bubbles


  • MA-02     Rep. James McGovern: Thomas Hayden, Gustavo Pazi and Josh Gordon for the app, PaziMD
  • MA-04     Rep. Joseph Kennedy III: Nathan and Ethan Chiu for the app, Congress Connect
  • MA-05     Rep. Katherine Clark: Seth Amarasinghe, Isabella Aslarus and Ellison Lim for the app, CNToolkit
  • MA-06     Rep. Seth Moulton: Ashley DeFreitas for the app, Art Gallery
  • MA-09     Rep. William Keating: Allison Robatzek and Marie Galley for the app, Hungry Hungry Helpers


  • MN-02     Rep. John Kline: Fiona Chow and Emma Hakanson for the app, Birdsong
  • MN-06     Rep. Tom Emmer: Furqan Syed, Shihab Ahmed, Maha Syed and Omar Qureshi for the app, Learning Spanish
  • MN-08      Rep. Richard M. Nolan: Scott Furman, Kevin Hanscom, Victoria Daniels and Dale Anderson for the app, Maze Memory


  • MO-04    Rep. Vicky Hartzler: Anesu Mafuvadze, Muhammad Salim and Ali Siddiqui for the app, Easy A

New Jersey

  • NJ-02    Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo: Zachary Riley, Matthew Scull, Allison Jenkins, and Paul Kuntz for the app, InstaVote
  • NJ-06    Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr.: Ariel Rakovitsky for the app, Students
  • NJ-07    Rep. Leonard Lance: Ameya Vaidya for the app, Tennis Performance Tracker
  • NJ-10    Rep. Donald Payne: Gianfranco Cervantes, Josua Soto-Vazquez and Yaxenis Ramos for the app, Social MeatUp
  • NJ-11      Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen: Zachary Espiritu for the app, Math Battle

New York

  • NY-03     Rep. Steve Israel: Kiara Wahnschafft, Arihant Jain, and Summar Khan for their app, SafeStart
  • NY-08     Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Rebecca Ramnauth for the app, MIA
  • NY-10      Rep. Jerrold Nadler: Josh Winters, Thanasi Stratigakis and Sam Steinberg for the app, PoliTeens
  • NY-11       Rep. Daniel M. Donovan, Jr.: Dhvanil Shah, Johan Ferreras, Sagar Punjabi and Nouran Ibrahim for the app, Neuron
  • NY-23      Rep. Tom Reed: Patrick Finlay and Jonathan Gomes Selman for the app, Ny eBear
  • NY-25      Rep. Louise Slaughter: Andrew Aikens for the app, BerrySwitch

North Carolina



  • OR-01     Rep. Suzanne Bonamici: Adam Barton for the app, Listyy


  • PA-01      Rep. Robert Brady: Aidan Cole, Madeline Forbes, Carly Glassford and Lizzie King for the app, School Of Fish
  • PA-02      Rep. Chaka Fattah: Robert Fetell for the app, Chess Ratings
  • PA-05      Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson: Lachlan Campbell for the app, Noodles
  • PA-06      Rep. Ryan Costello: Izaak Weaver-Herrera, Olivia Lazarchick, Jocelyn Dialectos and Paul Feightner for the app, Watt
  • PA-07      Rep. Patrick Meehan: Kevin Lu for the app, Memory Journal
  • PA-11       Rep. Lou Barletta: Jared Stefanowicz for the app, Student Voice
  • PA-13       Rep. Brendan F. Boyle: Viet Tran and Qusai Nejim for the app, Alert Map

Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • SC-02    Rep. Joe Wilson: Emre Cakir and Mihir Dutta for the app, RB Hub


  • TN-06    Rep. Diane Black: Skylar Bentley and Emerin Boomer for the app, UMath


  • TX-04     Rep. John Ratcliffe: Linh Nguyen and Taylor Barnes for the app, Explorica
  • TX-07     Rep. John Culberson: Yash Kakodkar for the app, Measures
  • TX-10      Rep. Michael T. McCaul: Eesha Nayak for the app, A+ Get rewarded for good grades
  • TX-20     Rep. Joaquin Castro: Gabriela De La Torre,  Gloria Terrazas, Madeline Ramos, and Jennifer Zermeno for the app, Fruit Stories
  • TX-24     Rep. Kenny Marchant:  To Be Announced
  • TX-30     Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson: Alfredo Osorio for the app, Wack-A-Diglett
  • TX-33     Rep. Marc Veasey: Raymond Hernandez, Cesar Escobedo and Lissette Benavides for the app, Accountability Tracker



  • VA-04     Rep. J. Randy Forbes: Matthew Beauchamp for the app, Trigonometry Trivia
  • VA-05     Rep. Robert Hurt: Matthew Brosinski, Ryan Murphy and Devin McCulley for the app, VR Atom History Explorer
  • VA-10     Rep. Barbara Comstock: Samina Mondal for the app, Spotted


  • WA-01     Rep. Suzan DelBene: Hassanain Ali, Rifat Rashid, Vishal Noonavath and Zechariah Cheung for the app, Circle Pong
  • WA-03    Rep. Jaime Herrera Beulter: Erik Kellogg for the app, ANX
  • WA-04    Rep. Dan Newhouse: Esmerelda Adela Lopez and Cinthia Santiago Villanueva for the app, Agricultural Job Finder
  • WA-07    Rep. Jim McDermott: Michael Baldwin and Benjamin Hoover for the app, PowHunter


Other Recognitions:

Achievement in Coding Excellence

  • FL-25     Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: Alejandrina González for the app, Bozeman Science App
  • LA-06    Rep. Garret Graves: Kyle Beadle for the app, Liberty Trail

9th District’s Competitor for the 2015 Congressional App Challenge:

  • IN-9      Rep. Todd Young: Rohan Reddy for the app, Tennis Tracker