Guidance for Judges

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a judge for the 2017 Congressional App Challenge. Below, please find resources you may need to judge the Submissions:

  • By signing up to volunteer as a judge, you will be asked to review the entries submitted into the Congressional App Challenge. Depending on the Congressional office, some may choose to do remote judging while others may have an in person judging event. Please confirm with your the Congressional office for the method of judging.

    Once the App Challenge submission period ends (Nov. 1, 2017), the Congressional staff in charge of the App Challenge will have the submission for your to review. You will be asked to

    1. watch Demonstration Videos submitted by the students, explaining their app. These videos should be no longer than 3 minutes each.
    2. review short answer questions (i.e. What technical challenge did you face and how did you solve it?)
    3. judge the entries based on a rubric (example) that will be provided to you.
    • July 26 – November 1: Congressional App Challenge Submission Period
    • November 2 (or sooner): Offices will send judges an excel sheet with student submissions
    • November 3 – November 20: Judging Period
    • November 21: Deadline to return your evaluations to the Congressional office

    You can download the judging rubric.

    The judging criteria are relatively open-ended. This is intentional; students in the 200+ districts participating in 45+ states across the country will have vastly different levels of experience, resources and support. For that reason, we entrust our judges with the responsibility of evaluating submissions as compared to those submitted by their peers, rather than according to a strict, one-size-fits-all rubric.

  • Dear [Judge Name],

    We are excited to share the 2017 Congressional App Challenge submissions and we look forward to receiving your scores and comments on the apps created. Now that the submission period is closed, we want to send you the next instructions on reviewing the apps.

    Enclosed you will find the student submissions and the scoring rubric. The submissions will consist of a brief demonstration video (no more than 3 minutes) and short answers to several questions.

    You will have until Tuesday, November 21st to review the submissions, complete your evaluation and return your scores back to our office.


    • November 3 or 4 – Congressional office will send you students submissions.
    • November 21 – Deadline to return your scores to the Congressional offices.

    Thank you again for your help, and for your support of student computer science education in our district.


Judges Sign-Up

This form lets us know that you are interested in volunteering as a judge for any Member of Congress. Thank you for volunteering!

IMPORTANT: If you have been recruited directly by a Member of Congress to judge their specific competition, DO NOT fill out this form. 

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