For Students

Check out our FAQ for Students, here.

Getting your Member of Congress to Participate
Students may only compete if they live or attend school in a participating Congressional District. If you’re a student who would like to participate in the Challenge in 2017, let  your Member of Congress know, and encourage them to sign up.

You can find out who your Representative is here, and then you can call or email them to let them know you’re interested. If you want to send the office an email, you can use this template letter to ask your Representative to join the 2017 Congressional App Challenge.

Educational Resources
The Congressional App Challenge is open to students in high school or below, regardless of experience with coding. We highly encourage students to participate even if they’ve never coded before; the point is to learn something new!

Recognizing that students learn in different ways and benefit from different tools, we’ve included several different educational resources. Remember that if one of them doesn’t work for you, there are many alternatives. Don’t get discouraged – just try another one!

The following resources are available to students to help them in their coding pursuits:

Development Kits:


  • MentorMint – MentorMint connects students with volunteer mentors who can provide guidance around programming difficulties.


  • Libraries Ready to Code – Many libraries around the country are working to provide resources and support for students learning to code. Reach out to your local library to see what programs they provide!

In this section, we’ll post events that are being held during the CAC in the districts around the country.