(2.) Travel Information

The RSVP for student winners to attend and demo their work at #HouseOfCode is now closed.

This form has been left open for students in case they need to submit changes to their travel plans. If you have any questions, please email Lauren Staehle at [email protected].

To attend #HouseOfCode, student winners must fill out three forms:

  1. The RSVP Form. Due: FRIDAY, JANUARY 27. (Now closed.)
  2. Travel Information. Due: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15. (Now closed.)
  3. Media Waiver. Due: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15. (Now closed.)

Travel Information Form: This form may be filled out by students or parents. The purpose of this form is to confirm that you have made arrangements and will absolutely be attending #HouseOfCode on April 4, 2017.  Please do not fill this form out if you have not yet finalized your travel plans.