Partner with us!

The Congressional App Challenge is actively seeking partners that share our mission to expand and strengthen STEM education in our schools. We are particularly interested in connecting with those that champion STEM education within underserved communities, and with those demographics that are traditionally underrepresented in technology.

If you are interested in partnering with the Congressional App Challenge, please Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are there specific qualifications that CAC looks for in its partners?

    A: Yes, but the main qualification we look for is the shared belief in the importance of coding and computer science education.


    Q: What is expected of CAC partners?

    A: We ask that our partners help us by encouraging participation in the Challenge.


    Our partners are diverse in their mission and work. Therefore, partner support for the Congressional App Challenge will vary. Here are a few ways that organizations are supporting as partners:

    • Spreading the word about the Challenge using your social media networks.

    • Helping us reach students from demographic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the tech community.

    • Reaching out to Congressional offices that haven’t signed up yet, and asking them to participate in the Challenge.

    • Reaching out to Congressional offices to work together hosting events such as hackathons, workshops, or an award ceremony.

    • Informing parents, students, or teachers about the Challenge.

    • Assisting students in their efforts to create applications (i.e., offering training, educational support, etc.)

    • Providing curricula, workshops, or support to interested participants


    Partners can also play a big role in helping us educate policymakers about the importance of STEM education.


    Have another idea as to how your organization can support the Congressional App Challenge? We would love to hear more! We work with a variety of organizations so we’re open-minded as to what structure a partnership might take.



    Q: My organization does not have nationwide chapters, is that a problem?

    A: No.

    The Congressional App Challenge is nationwide, but we appreciate assistance in every region. We are required to provide “technical assistance” to all students across the country equally though, so if you hold an event specifically for the Congressional App Challenge, please let us know. We will need to list the event online, so that any who would like to attend, may. If you are simply encouraging your own constituents to submit their work however, that’s no problem.

  • Q: What can be expected of the CAC as a partner?
    A: The CAC will provide your organization with content and material to be shared. We will promote your organization on our website and in our communications where appropriate.

    As a partner, you can expect the following from us:

    • Once you send us your logo, we’ll post it on our website to recognize your organization as a supporter of STEM education. (This also helps students from across the country identify local organizations that they can ask for help.)
    • We will announce the partnership on social media, and will include your organization in the list of partners on our press releases.
    • When we have information that needs to be shared, we’ll provide you with the content.
    • We will invite you to our events, both on and off the Hill.


    Q: How will the CAC support us as a partner?
    A: As the our partners vary significantly, we are happy to support you as we can.

    Given our shared mission of expanding and strengthening CS and STEM education in the United States, we are happy to support our partners in whatever ways we can. This can include:

    • We will connect you to relevant Congressional offices upon request
    • If relevant, by giving your students an additional opportunity for recognition
    • Sharing content from your organization on our blog
    • Sharing information about your work or events via social media or our website


    Q: Can my organization select specific content for promotion by CAC on social media?
    A: Yes.

    If you would like us to help you share specific news or event information, please let us know with a week’s notice, and we’ll be happy to share the information as is appropriate


    Q: How will CAC announce the partnership once finalized?
    A: We will announce the partnerships on our social media platforms and on our website.

  • Q: What are the main challenge dates?
    A: The 2017 Challenge dates will be announced the week of February 21, 2017.

    Q: Is there a deadline to become a partner?
    A: No.

    We accept partnership proposals at all times.

  • Q: How do I sign up to be a partner?

    A: Please start by filling out this sign-up form.

    After we receive notice that you’ve signed up, we will e-mail you to create a Memorandum of Understanding between our organizations.

    Q: What if my organization is not in a district with a participating member of Congress?

    A: Let’s get them to sign up!

    If your District has not signed up to participate yet, don’t worry. It may mean that they haven’t had the chance to do so yet, or they just don’t know that there’s interest in their region. If you let them know you’d like them to sign up, chances are they’ll be more than happy to. You can find resources and template letters asking Representatives to participate by visiting our page on how to Get Your District Involved.