Resources for Congressional Offices

The following materials were provided for use by Congressional offices during the 2016 Congressional App Challenge. These materials will be updated and improved prior to the launch of the 2017 CAC.

  • 2017 Congressional App Challenge Toolkit
  • 2017 Student/ Teacher Flyer (2 sided)
  • Presentation for Students
  • Case Studies
  • 4/24 Information Session Recap

(Last updated: August 21, 2017)

2017 Congressional App Challenge Toolkit

This toolkit will be key to hosting a successful Challenge. It includes explanations of what apps are, provides guidance on how to conduct an app challenge, and includes resources, such as letters to schools, that your office can use. Please make sure to look through it carefully.

Download PDF of the Toolkit

2017 Student Flyer

Share and handout this flyer to interested students, teachers, parents and others.

2017 Student Flyer

Download Flyer

Presentation for Students

Have a meeting regarding the App Challenge or planning to do a presentation at a local high school. If so, this is for you to use.


Download slides of the presentation for schools

Case Studies

Here are examples of MOC district events.

IMP: This is a reference for informational purposes only. This is created to display examples of what other MOCs have done. It is not meant as an event or ‘how-to’ template. Check in with House Administration Committee for specific guidelines on App Challenge events.

  1. Constituent Commemoration
  2. Demo Day
  3. Hackathon

Constituent Commemoration

Constituent Commemoration

Download Constituent Commemoration Case Study


Demo Day

Demo Day

Download Demo Day Case Study




Download Hackathon Case Study


4/24 Information Session Recap

Here is the information from the 4/24/17 Information Session. Learn more about the 2017 Congressional App Challenge.

Congressional Info Session 4/24

Download PDF slides of the 4/24 Info Session