Student Resources

If you are a student attending #HouseOfCode, here are some resources for you. Check in frequently, as we’ll be updating these materials:

Information for ChaperonesPlease review this document prior to attending #HouseOfCode. It includes the itinerary, tips on preparation, and Frequently Asked Questions. (This is the information that was covered in the conference calls.)

#HouseOfCode ItineraryHere is the itinerary covering the #HouseOfCode events from Monday, April 3 – Tuesday April 4, 2017.

Invitation Letter: Personal invitations make a big difference; while we invite all offices to attend#HouseOfCode, you should personally reach out to your own Member of Congress as soon as possible, and invite them to come see your demonstration. You may use this template to email the office, and if you cc our Congressional Affairs Director, Melissa Medina, ([email protected]), we will also check in with the office for you. We highly recommend following up on the email with a call.

Presentation Best Practices: You should be well-prepared to present your demo on Tuesday, April 4th. Here are some tips on how to create and execute your best demo.