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  • AZ-06    Rep. David Schweikert: Ari Sokolov for the app, Charechat 


  • AR-02    Rep. French Hill: Michael Davis for the app, Situation Awareness
  • AR-03    Rep. Steve Womack: Marc Aranibar, Tyler Gay and Austin Shanley for the app, Virtual Reality Math
  • AR-04    Rep. Bruce Westerman: Ana Cruz, Star Lowrey, Shelly Whitt and Drake Streeter for the app, AR Schools


  • CA-02    Rep. Jared Huffman: Alexander Otavka for the app, TickTock
  • CA-10    Rep. Jeff Denham: Arturo Arias, Azucena Tellez, Stephanie Picos-Nunez and Emily Arias for the app, SketchBuddy
  • CA-11     Rep. Mark DeSaulnier: Trisha Sanghal, for the app, Music Makerz
  • CA-12     Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Brandon Fong, Caleb Kahookele, Jeremy Lin, and Christopher Lim for the app, VoteFor.Us
  • CA-13     Rep. Barbara Lee: Amanda Harris, Stacy Phan and Aliya Chambless for the app, GapJumper
  • CA-14     Rep. Jackie Speier: Alex Chin, Noelle Perinet, Carina Halcomb and Annika Chun for the app, TheAllergyApp
  • CA-15     Rep. Eric Swalwell: Shannon Yan, Malvika Singhal, Meenakshi Singhal and Sam DeCosta for the app, Tranquility
  • CA-17     Rep. Michael M. Honda: Arushi Shah for the app, DreamBuckt
  • CA-18     Rep. Anna G. Eshoo: Aimee An, Heejung Chung, Claire Huang for the app, Mezzo
  • CA-23     Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Shawn Hill, Eric Wilkins, and Krystal Mae Raynes for the app, Unidesence
  • CA-25     Rep. Steve Knight: Efrain Munoz for the app, Internet of Things Action
  • CA-28     Rep. Adam B. Schiff: Justin Park for the app, Digit
  • CA-29     Rep. Tony Cardenas: Bryan Rocha and Evelyn Gomez for the app, Infant Monitor
  • CA-39     Rep. Edward R. Royce: Andrew Rojas, Santiago Torres and Eric Liu for the app, Drop saver
  • CA-45     Rep. Mimi Walters: Shalin Shah for the app, Voice
  • CA-47     Rep. Alan Lowenthal: Anna Lou for the app, A Research-Based Interactive Application to Improve Chemistry Learning
  • CA-52      Rep. Scott Peters: Francisca Vasconcelos for the app, Quantum


  • CO-04     Rep. Ken Buck: Brad Cooley for the app, Crunch Time
  • CO-06     Rep. Mike Coffman: Lauren Weiss for the app, CHEM4Kids!


  • CT-01     Rep. John B. Larson: Robert Kondratovicz and Anthony Sebastian for the app, Roll-a-Ball
  • CT-02     Rep. Joe Courtney: Vittorio Papandrea for the app, Predicting the Stock Market
  • CT-04     Rep. Jim Himes: Komal Dhull, Dan Pfrommer, Kara O’Rourke and Nicholas Hartunian for the app, Project America
  • CT-05     Rep. Elizabeth Esty: Albert Gao and Ryan Lee for the app, Galaxy


  • DE-AL    Rep. John Carney: Emily Bravo, Julia Menardy, Minji Kong and Joy Lin for the app, VirDOC



  • GA-04     Rep. Henry “Hank” Johnson: Heru Samuel for the app, zTransfer
  • GA-07     Rep. Rob Woodall: Arjun Karanam for the app, Electoral College History
  • GA-11      Rep. Barry Loudermilk: Ryan Cobelli and Arvin Poddar for the app, GradeSpark


  • IL-05    Rep. Mike Quigley: Damian Medina for the app, MyVOTE
  • IL-08    Rep. Tammy Duckworth: Eric Pfister and Daeveion Rivera for the app, BookLogger
  • IL-09    Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Jimmy McDermott for the app, Prospect’s Underground
  • IL-10    Rep. Robert Dold: Sam Abdallah and Lucas Sacherer for the app, Green Light
  • IL-11     Rep. Bill Foster: Trisha Prabhu for the app, ReThink
  • IL-13     Rep. Rodney Davis: Bliss Chapman for the app, Wonderful Weather
  • IL-18     Rep. Darin LaHood:  To Be Announced


  • IN-05    Rep. Susan W. Brooks: Grayson Faircloth for the app, FHS Genius


  • IA-01     Rep. Rod Blum: Ariana Lucas, Kyle Scheer, Jordan Icenogle and Khadidja Elkeurti for the app, HelpWe
  • IA-02     Rep. Dave Loebsack: Reagan Ries, Jocoa Kerschen and Andrew Hingst for the app, Tiled Piano



  • LA-02     Rep. Cedric Richmond: Larron Randall and Doung Ngyuen for the app, SprayDay


  • ME-01     Rep. Chellie Pingree: Wil Losereewanich, John Zarate, Connor Bell, and Joseph Corwin for the app, Flex App


  • MD-04     Rep. Donna F. Edwards: Michelle Marsandi for the app, Hopping through Scales
  • MD-05     Rep. Steny Hoyer:  Alexander Lugo for the app, Little Elf
  • MD-06     Rep. John K. Delaney: Ana Elholm for the app, Animal Soundboard
  • MD-07     Rep. Elijah Cummings: Kevin Zheng for the app, Save the Chesapeake
  • MD-08     Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Gabe Udell, Daniel Chen and Eyob Tsegaye for the app, Bubbles


  • MA-02     Rep. James McGovern: Thomas Hayden, Gustavo Pazi and Josh Gordon for the app, PaziMD
  • MA-04     Rep. Joseph Kennedy III: Nathan and Ethan Chiu for the app, Congress Connect
  • MA-05     Rep. Katherine Clark: Seth Amarasinghe, Isabella Aslarus and Ellison Lim for the app, CNToolkit
  • MA-06     Rep. Seth Moulton: Ashley DeFreitas for the app, Art Gallery
  • MA-09     Rep. William Keating: Allison Robatzek and Marie Galley for the app, Hungry Hungry Helpers


  • MN-02     Rep. John Kline: Fiona Chow and Emma Hakanson for the app, Birdsong
  • MN-06     Rep. Tom Emmer: Furqan Syed, Shihab Ahmed, Maha Syed and Omar Qureshi for the app, Learning Spanish
  • MN-08      Rep. Richard M. Nolan: Scott Furman, Kevin Hanscom, Victoria Daniels and Dale Anderson for the app, Maze Memory


  • MO-04    Rep. Vicky Hartzler: Anesu Mafuvadze, Muhammad Salim and Ali Siddiqui for the app, Easy A

New Jersey

  • NJ-02    Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo: Zachary Riley, Matthew Scull, Allison Jenkins, and Paul Kuntz for the app, InstaVote
  • NJ-06    Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr.: Ariel Rakovitsky for the app, Students
  • NJ-07    Rep. Leonard Lance: Ameya Vaidya for the app, Tennis Performance Tracker
  • NJ-10    Rep. Donald Payne: Gianfranco Cervantes, Josua Soto-Vazquez and Yaxenis Ramos for the app, Social MeatUp
  • NJ-11      Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen: Zachary Espiritu for the app, Math Battle

New York

  • NY-03     Rep. Steve Israel: Kiara Wahnschafft, Arihant Jain, and Summar Khan for their app, SafeStart
  • NY-08     Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Rebecca Ramnauth for the app, MIA
  • NY-10      Rep. Jerrold Nadler: Josh Winters, Thanasi Stratigakis and Sam Steinberg for the app, PoliTeens
  • NY-11       Rep. Daniel M. Donovan, Jr.: Dhvanil Shah, Johan Ferreras, Sagar Punjabi and Nouran Ibrahim for the app, Neuron
  • NY-23      Rep. Tom Reed: Patrick Finlay and Jonathan Gomes Selman for the app, Ny eBear
  • NY-25      Rep. Louise Slaughter: Andrew Aikens for the app, BerrySwitch

North Carolina



  • OR-01     Rep. Suzanne Bonamici: Adam Barton for the app, Listyy


  • PA-01      Rep. Robert Brady: Aidan Cole, Madeline Forbes, Carly Glassford and Lizzie King for the app, School Of Fish
  • PA-02      Rep. Chaka Fattah: Robert Fetell for the app, Chess Ratings
  • PA-05      Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson: Lachlan Campbell for the app, Noodles
  • PA-06      Rep. Ryan Costello: Izaak Weaver-Herrera, Olivia Lazarchick, Jocelyn Dialectos and Paul Feightner for the app, Watt
  • PA-07      Rep. Patrick Meehan: Kevin Lu for the app, Memory Journal
  • PA-11       Rep. Lou Barletta: Jared Stefanowicz for the app, Student Voice
  • PA-13       Rep. Brendan F. Boyle: Viet Tran and Qusai Nejim for the app, Alert Map

Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • SC-02    Rep. Joe Wilson: Emre Cakir and Mihir Dutta for the app, RB Hub


  • TN-06    Rep. Diane Black: Skylar Bentley and Emerin Boomer for the app, UMath


  • TX-04     Rep. John Ratcliffe: Linh Nguyen and Taylor Barnes for the app, Explorica
  • TX-07     Rep. John Culberson: Yash Kakodkar for the app, Measures
  • TX-10      Rep. Michael T. McCaul: Eesha Nayak for the app, A+ Get rewarded for good grades
  • TX-20     Rep. Joaquin Castro: Gabriela De La Torre,  Gloria Terrazas, Madeline Ramos, and Jennifer Zermeno for the app, Fruit Stories
  • TX-24     Rep. Kenny Marchant:  To Be Announced
  • TX-30     Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson: Alfredo Osorio for the app, Wack-A-Diglett
  • TX-33     Rep. Marc Veasey: Raymond Hernandez, Cesar Escobedo and Lissette Benavides for the app, Accountability Tracker



  • VA-04     Rep. J. Randy Forbes: Matthew Beauchamp for the app, Trigonometry Trivia
  • VA-05     Rep. Robert Hurt: Matthew Brosinski, Ryan Murphy and Devin McCulley for the app, VR Atom History Explorer
  • VA-10     Rep. Barbara Comstock: Samina Mondal for the app, Spotted


  • WA-01     Rep. Suzan DelBene: Hassanain Ali, Rifat Rashid, Vishal Noonavath and Zechariah Cheung for the app, Circle Pong
  • WA-03    Rep. Jaime Herrera Beulter: Erik Kellogg for the app, ANX
  • WA-04    Rep. Dan Newhouse: Esmerelda Adela Lopez and Cinthia Santiago Villanueva for the app, Agricultural Job Finder
  • WA-07    Rep. Jim McDermott: Michael Baldwin and Benjamin Hoover for the app, PowHunter


Other Recognitions:

Achievement in Coding Excellence

  • FL-25     Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: Alejandrina González for the app, Bozeman Science App
  • LA-06    Rep. Garret Graves: Kyle Beadle for the app, Liberty Trail

9th District’s Competitor for the 2015 Congressional App Challenge:

  • IN-9      Rep. Todd Young: Rohan Reddy for the app, Tennis Tracker