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Applications for the 2021 Alumni Advisory Board and Challenge Ambassadors are closed. Check back after #HouseOfCode for the 2022 application.

The Congressional App Challenge has created an alumni program to keep alumni engaged and connected with the Challenge. The Alumni Advisory Group is a select group of college-aged alumni who oversee the Challenge Ambassadors Program and work with Challenge staff to improve alumni relations. Challenge Ambassadors are high-school-aged alumni who do outreach in their congressional districts to promote the Challenge to their peers.


Rees Draminski

University of Maryland

Media Gupta

New York University

Albert Hao

Columbia University

Isabella Hochschild

Dartmouth College

Charlie Liu

Yale University

Natalia Luzuriaga

University of California, Los Angeles

Ethan McFarlin

Harvard College

Akshra Paimagam

Carnegie Mellon University

Dharshini Raman

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

If you have questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact [email protected].