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AZ-05 Rep. Matt Salmon: Clara Wang for the app, Glass City Adventure
AZ-06 Rep. David Schweikert: Ariana Sokolov for the app, Beacon X

AR-01 Rep. Rick Crawford: Ryan Callicott for the app, Roadrunner
AR-02 Rep. French Hill: Michael Davis for the app, What To Do
AR-03 Rep. Steve Womack: Caroline Gschwend for the app, defendUS
AR-04 Rep. Bruce Westerman: Jackson Gregory and Joseph Sartini for the app, Fuelr

CA-02 Rep. Jared Huffman: Olivia Wong for the app, Is It Recyclable?
CA-05 Rep. Mike Thompson: Mia Johansson for the app, Times Table Math
CA-07 Rep. Ami Bera: Jupinder Parmar for the app, Asthma Tracker
CA-11 Rep. Mark DeSaulnier : Jasmine Steele for the app, ALLERGY BLAST
CA-13 Rep. Barbara Lee: Lucinda Quintal, Addison Zhang and Helen Li for the app, NeoSafety
CA-14 Rep. Jackie Speier: Kaitlyn Chan and Priya Koliwad for the app, Pocket Doctor
CA-15 Rep. Eric Swalwell: Aditya Tomar and Lucas Merrell for the app, Safe Text
CA-17 Rep. Mike Honda: Varun Shenoy for the app, Summit
CA-18 Rep. Anna Eshoo: Arnav Gudibande, Amar Ramachandran, and Anuv Gupta for the app, Peer2Peer
CA-26 Rep. Julia Brownley: Victoria Juan for the app, Jerd
CA-33 Rep. Ted W. Lieu: Lane Karlitz for the app, Study Senses
CA-39 Rep. Ed Royce: Santiago Torres, Christopher Leung, Christopher Jhaveri, and Jason Kwan for the app, Election Connection
CA-45 Rep. Mimi Walters: Shalin Shah for the app, Lumos
CA-47 Rep. Alan Lowenthal : Kobe Lee, Jimmy Dang, Celine Tran, and Jason Le for the app, Car Handyman
CA-49 Rep. Darrell Issa: Pranav Patil for the app, Cyber Champion
CA-52 Rep. Scott Peters: Vishnu Doppalapudi and Shishir Reddy for the app, Chem Guide 
CA-53 Rep. Susan A. Davis: Kyle Trusso, Angelica Ramirez and Cristina Munoz for the app, Planner

CO-04 Rep. Ken Buck: Etash Kalra for the app, Spell Me
CO-07 Rep. Ed Perlmutter: Caleb Dudley, Jacob Johns, Thomas Kopala, and Joseph Lovato for the app, Northglenn VR

CT-01 Rep. John Larson: Fabrizio Lazo, Isaiah Powell, and Brandon Reed for the app, BoomTanks
CT-02 Rep. Joe Courtney: Peter Dentch for the app, Mini Robot Control
CT-04 Rep. Jim Himes: Robert Buckley for the app, myParkinson’s
CT-05 Rep. Elizabeth Esty: Raul Calderon, Joseph Grenier, Veronika Cordero,and Matthew Jones for the app, Unmutable

DE-00 Rep. John Carney: Rohan Kanchana for the app, Geography

FL-03 Rep. Ted Yoho: Briana Berger for the app, SleepBeep
FL-07 Rep. Stephanie Murphy: Kendall Jackson for the app, RSS and XML Reader
FL-12 Rep. Gus Bilirakis: Nikhil Dutt for the app, Student Toolbox
FL-13 Rep. David Jolly: Nikhil Sharma, Michael Froid, Adriana Nazarko, and Daniel Denison for the app, STEM Link
FL-15 Rep. Dennis A. Ross: Will Harding, Noah Horowitz, Trevor Hallett, and Robert Lane for the app, Math Equations App
FL-20 Rep. Alcee Hastings: Derek Mejia and Andrew Gayle for the app, Henry and the Fight of Pollution
FL-21 Rep. Ted Deutch: Mark Alves Dos Santos, Jake D’Armetta, and Michel Guirguis for the app, Where Are You?
FL-22 Rep. Lois Frankel: Rachel Auslander for the app, Local Vote
FL-23 Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Bohdan Ivaneko for the app, GoGreen
FL-25 Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: Blake Anderson and William Pembleton for the app, Deepstone
FL-27 Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Vicki Rios for the app, Simple Sign

GA-04 Rep. Henry “Hank” Johnson: Brandon Golston, Julaam Diop, Daniel Garner and Austin Goodloe for the app, Dungeon Delver II
GA-06 Rep. Tom Price: Zoe Weiss for the app, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Antibiotic Calculator
GA-05 Rep. John Lewis: Nicolás Pérez for the app,
GA-11 Rep. Barry Loudermilk: Ryan Cobelli and Arvin Poddar for the app, Legacy Park

ID-01 Rep. Raul Labrador: Hayden Crabb for the app, Trade App

IL-02 Rep. Robin Kelly: Ryan Kleszynski for the app, Soccer Statistics
IL-09 Rep. Janice Schakowsky: Zach Burke for the app, Organized College Planner (OCP)
IL-13 Rep. Rodney Davis: Ian McAtee and Seth Davey for the app, Interactive Computer Diagram
IL-14 Rep. Randy Hultgren: Alan Koval for the app, Koval’s 3D Grapher

IN-05 Rep. Susan W. Brooks: Jack Sutton for the app, Leon: Your Due Diligence Assistant
IN-09 Rep. Todd Young: Rohan Reddy for the app, iCollege

IA-01 Rep. Rod Blum: Isaac Miller, Tyler Montgomery, Will Grundy, and Elisabeth Jasper for the app, FungID

KY-05 Rep. Hal Rogers: Jacob Pitts, Michael Shepherd, Blake Ratliff, and Jonathan Dotson for the app, KYtech Connect

MD-02 Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger: Jackson Lim, Chase Stull, Joshua Wesley and Bianca Cea. for the app, Cravings
MD-04 Rep. Donna Edwards: Uzoma Nwanna for the app, MANAGER
MD-05 Rep. Steny Hoyer: Alexander Lugo for the app, Cancer App
MD-06 Rep. John K. Delaney: Austin Kim for the app, HighschoolBay
MD-07 Rep. Elijah Cummings: Will Cervi, Rees Draminski, and Priyanka Kargupta for the app, Foodspin
MD-08 Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Brian Fisher for the app, The Black and White Newspaper

MA-02 Rep. James P. McGovern: Arun Jeevanantham and Da-Jin Chu for the app, Sandbox: A Gesture Based Calculator
MA-04 Rep. Joe Kennedy III: Hannah Cole, Maya Modi, Gretchen Zhang, and Isabel Bulman for the app, Homework Helper
MA-06 Rep. Seth Moulton: Ronnie Lusso for the app, Math Warrior
MA-07 Rep. Mike Capuano: Kayla Bowdre, Pedro Veras, Liu Xiao Ting, and Maria Melisa Arias for the app, Vote 2016: Inside Many Languages
MA-09 Rep. William Keating: Justin Gaiser and Alec Lawrence for the app, The Handy-Dandy Guide to Sign Language

MI-04 Rep. John Moolenaar: Joshua Jacobson for the app, Group Manager
MI-07 Rep. Tim Walberg: Levi Rogers for the app, Life style Tracker

MN-03 Rep. Erik Paulsen: Maha, Madeeha, and Mia for the app, Restaurant Chatbot

NV-01 Rep. Dina Titus: Ingrid Perez, Jennifer Hernandez, and Leilany Delgadillo for the app, Unique 
NV-03 Rep. Joe Heck: Tiana Bhankohleing, Zoe Delapaz, and Kaitlyn Zhang for the app, Promise Playground
NV-04 Rep. Cresent Hardy: Tyler Frehner, Derek Mathews for the app, ACT Word Help

New Hampshire
NH-01 Rep. Frank Guinta: Chanseo Bae for the app, No Profanity Keyboard

New Jersey
NJ-02 Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo: Connor Bondi, Leslie Baez, and Logan Willis for the app, County College Class Conversion 
NJ-04 Rep. Chris Smith: Connor Bruneau, Kevin Dixson, Steven Topper, and Armando LaMastra for the app, RecoLecture
NJ-05 Rep. Scott Garrett: Brian Mejia for the app, Politext
NJ-06 Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr.: Steven Vorona, Rishi Salwi, and Charvi Shah for the app, ParkinSafe
NJ-07 Rep. Leonard Lance: Alexander Frolov, Mohnish Sabhani, and Kevin Zhang for the app, Hill Happenings
NJ-10 Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr.: Ayobami Adewale for the app, Learning Chinese
NJ-11 Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen: Sangjun Ko, Kelly Wallert, and Sruthi Soorian for the app, Book Browser
NJ-12 Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman: Kayla Leung, Samantha Lau and Rachael Lau for the app, SaveBB

New Mexico
NM-03 Rep. Ben Ray Lujan: Roman Bell for the app, “Newton’s Law of Industrialism”

New York
NY-04 Rep. Kathleen Rice: Joseph Mueller, Bryan Guda, Malcom Hylton, and Vincent Rodrigues for the app, CiaChow
NY-08 Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Carlos Mayer for the app, FRWD
NY-10 Rep. Jerrold Nadler: Sharon Lin for the app, iVOTE
NY-11 Rep. Daniel M. Donovan, Jr.: Robert Avenoso for the app, SlayaOs
NY-21 Rep. Elise Stefanik: Abi Gustafson and Andrew Meseck for the app, Train Rain
NY-25 Rep. Louise Slaughter: Michelle Russotti, Emily Phelan, and Lilly Wellman for the app, FutureUSports

North Carolina
NC-02 Rep. Renee Ellmers: Sanjana Sundhar for the app, School Meds Made Easy
NC-04 Rep. David Price: Michael Webb, Amon Ferrell, Abijah Gibson, and Nassir Ford for the app, Keep Me Safe
NC-06 Rep. Mark Walker: Varun Nair, Nicholas Day, Justin Kerr, and Ali Chaudhry for the app, PhoenixNow
NC-12 Rep. Alma Adams: Lynette Bright for the app, Treasure Chest

OH-12 Rep. Patrick Tiberi: to be announced.
OH-13 Rep. Tim Ryan: Pranav Padmanabhan for the app, PolitiViewr
OH-14 Rep. David Joyce: Gareth Jobling, Jake Carlson, and Justin Conley for the app, Drive Safe

OK-01 Rep. Jim Bridenstine: Lucas Jaggernauth for the app, Dev Games

OR-01 Rep. Suzanne Bonamici: Sneha Malineni for the app, Forget Me Not
OR-02 Rep. Greg Walden: Jordan Liebe, Courtney Cash, and Marvin Hozi for the app, Touch and Talk
OR-03 Rep. Earl Blumenauer: Marley Bennett and Juliette Coia for the app, fooDonate
OR-04 Rep. Peter DeFazio: John Shaver and Colby Montigue for the app, Addition Flyer

PA-06 Rep. Ryan Costello: Ariana Arrojado and Barbara Clay for the app, Take Me To…Travel Agency
PA-07 Rep. Pat Meehan: Shreyas Parab for the app, StartMeUp

Rhode Island
RI-01 Rep. David Cicilline: Haotian Lu, Zijun (James) Weng, Shiyuan Huang and Haoran Wen for the app, Tap_It

TN-06 Rep. Diane Black: Jonathan Layne, Perry Minnican, Andres Morales, and Chris Odom for the app, Monkeys Gone Bananas

TX-03 Rep. Sam Johnson: Riya Danait and Shambhavi Badi for the app, Talk To The Hand
TX-04 Rep. John Ratcliffe: Kaylee Kimbrough for the app, A2B
TX-07 Rep. John Culberson: Jeremy Singleton, Isabela Munera, Lorcan and Smith for the app, Recyclearn
TX-10 Rep. Michael McCaul: Eesha Nayak and Dia Jain for the app, Tutor Connect 
TX-11 Rep. Mike Conaway: Shane Smiskol for the app, MarkovSMS
TX-15 Rep. Rubén Hinojosa: Gabriel Ramirez for the app, Fight: Conquer Diabetes by Tracking Your Health
TX-20 Rep. Joaquin Castro : Lemuel Wilson for the app, Game of Flags
TX-23 Rep. Will Hurd: Emmanuel Oyervides and Lorenzo Holguin for the app, IDME
TX-27 Rep. Blake Farenthold: Katherine Steinhauer for the app, MyDoc

UT-03 Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Dylan Robson for the app, Daily Read
UT-04 Rep. Mia Love: AaronMcKenney for the app, My Voice

VA-03 Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott: Tyler Marshall for the app, HourLogger
VA-08 Rep. Don Beyer: Rachel Naidich for the app, Robot Invasion
VA-10 Rep. Barbara Comstock: Logan Apple for the app, iSight
VA-11 Rep. Gerald Connolly: Angela He for the app, Suppressed

WA-01 Rep. Suzan DelBene: Abhinav Singh, Kush Khanolkar, and Kon Aoki for the app, Code Carbon
WA-02 Rep. Rick Larsen: Alexandria Kissas for the app, ListMe
WA-04 Rep. Dan Newhouse : Elijah Stidham, Jamas Middleton, and Toby Williams for the app, Trinity Complex
WA-07 Rep. Jim McDermott: Kasey Shibayama, Travis Neils, Steven Zhu, and Simon Acker for the app, Shorecrest Connect