2016 Winners

Over 2,150 students signed up to participate in the 2016 Congressional App Challenge. Listed below are the winners from each of the 123 districts that had submissions, along with the link to each app’s demonstration video.

AZ-05 Rep. Matt Salmon: Clara Wang for the app, Glass City Adventure
AZ-06 Rep. David Schweikert: Ariana Sokolov for the app, Beacon X

AR-01 Rep. Rick Crawford: Ryan Callicott for the app, Roadrunner
AR-02 Rep. French Hill: Michael Davis for the app, What To Do
AR-03 Rep. Steve Womack: Caroline Gschwend for the app, defendUS
AR-04 Rep. Bruce Westerman: Jackson Gregory and Joseph Sartini for the app, Fuelr

CA-02 Rep. Jared Huffman: Olivia Wong for the app, Is It Recyclable?
CA-05 Rep. Mike Thompson: Mia Johansson for the app, Times Table Math
CA-07 Rep. Ami Bera: Jupinder Parmar for the app, Asthma Tracker
CA-11 Rep. Mark DeSaulnier : Jasmine Steele for the app, ALLERGY BLAST
CA-13 Rep. Barbara Lee: Lucinda Quintal, Addison Zhang and Helen Li for the app, NeoSafety
CA-14 Rep. Jackie Speier: Kaitlyn Chan and Priya Koliwad for the app, Pocket Doctor
CA-15 Rep. Eric Swalwell: Aditya Tomar and Lucas Merrell for the app, Safe Text
CA-17 Rep. Mike Honda: Varun Shenoy for the app, Summit
CA-18 Rep. Anna Eshoo: Arnav Gudibande, Amar Ramachandran, and Anuv Gupta for the app, Peer2Peer
CA-26 Rep. Julia Brownley: Victoria Juan for the app, Jerd
CA-33 Rep. Ted W. Lieu: Lane Karlitz for the app, Study Senses
CA-39 Rep. Ed Royce: Santiago Torres, Christopher Leung, Christopher Jhaveri, and Jason Kwan for the app, Election Connection
CA-45 Rep. Mimi Walters: Shalin Shah for the app, Lumos
CA-47 Rep. Alan Lowenthal : Kobe Lee, Jimmy Dang, Celine Tran, and Jason Le for the app, Car Handyman
CA-49 Rep. Darrell Issa: Pranav Patil for the app, Cyber Champion
CA-52 Rep. Scott Peters: Vishnu Doppalapudi and Shishir Reddy for the app, Chem Guide
CA-53 Rep. Susan A. Davis: Kyle Trusso, Angelica Ramirez and Cristina Munoz for the app, Planner

CO-04 Rep. Ken Buck: Etash Kalra for the app, Spell Me
CO-07 Rep. Ed Perlmutter: Caleb Dudley, Jacob Johns, Thomas Kopala, and Joseph Lovato for the app, Northglenn VR

CT-01 Rep. John Larson: Fabrizio Lazo, Isaiah Powell, and Brandon Reed for the app, BoomTanks
CT-02 Rep. Joe Courtney: Peter Dentch for the app, Mini Robot Control
CT-04 Rep. Jim Himes: Robert Buckley for the app, myParkinson’s
CT-05 Rep. Elizabeth Esty: Raul Calderon, Joseph Grenier, Veronika Cordero,and Matthew Jones for the app, Unmutable

DE-00 Rep. John Carney: Rohan Kanchana for the app, Geography

FL-03 Rep. Ted Yoho: Briana Berger for the app, SleepBeep
FL-07 Rep. Stephanie MurphyKendall Jackson for the app, RSS and XML Reader
FL-12 Rep. Gus Bilirakis: Nikhil Dutt for the app, Student Toolbox
FL-13 Rep. David Jolly: Nikhil Sharma, Michael Froid, Adriana Nazarko, and Daniel Denison for the app, STEM Link
FL-15 Rep. Dennis A. Ross: Will Harding, Noah Horowitz, Trevor Hallett, and Robert Lane for the app, Math Equations App
FL-20 Rep. Alcee Hastings: Derek Mejia and Andrew Gayle for the app, Henry and the Fight of Pollution
FL-21 Rep. Ted Deutch: Mark Alves Dos Santos, Jake D’Armetta, and Michel Guirguis for the app, Where Are You?
FL-22 Rep. Lois Frankel: Rachel Auslander for the app, Local Vote
FL-23 Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Bohdan Ivaneko for the app, GoGreen
FL-25 Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: Blake Anderson and William Pembleton for the app, Deepstone
FL-27 Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Vicki Rios for the app, Simple Sign

GA-04 Rep. Henry “Hank” Johnson: Brandon Golston, Julaam Diop, Daniel Garner and Austin Goodloe for the app, Dungeon Delver II
GA-06 Rep. Tom Price: Zoe Weiss for the app, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Antibiotic Calculator
GA-05 Rep. John Lewis: Nicolás Pérez for the app, cleatwiz.com
GA-11 Rep. Barry Loudermilk: Ryan Cobelli and Arvin Poddar for the app, Legacy Park

ID-01 Rep. Raul Labrador: Hayden Crabb for the app, Trade App

IL-02 Rep. Robin Kelly: Ryan Kleszynski for the app, Soccer Statistics
IL-09 Rep. Janice Schakowsky: Zach Burke for the app, Organized College Planner (OCP)
IL-13 Rep. Rodney Davis: Ian McAtee and Seth Davey for the app, Interactive Computer Diagram
IL-14 Rep. Randy Hultgren: Alan Koval for the app, Koval’s 3D Grapher

IN-05 Rep. Susan W. Brooks: Jack Sutton for the app, Leon: Your Due Diligence Assistant
IN-09 Rep. Todd Young: Rohan Reddy for the app, iCollege

IA-01 Rep. Rod Blum: Isaac Miller, Tyler Montgomery, Will Grundy, and Elisabeth Jasper for the app, FungID

KY-05 Rep. Hal Rogers: Jacob Pitts, Michael Shepherd, Blake Ratliff, and Jonathan Dotson for the app, KYtech Connect

MD-02 Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger: Jackson Lim, Chase Stull, Joshua Wesley and Bianca Cea. for the app, Cravings
MD-04 Rep. Donna Edwards: Uzoma Nwanna for the app, MANAGER
MD-05 Rep. Steny Hoyer: Alexander Lugo for the app, Cancer App
MD-06 Rep. John K. Delaney: Austin Kim for the app, HighschoolBay
MD-07 Rep. Elijah Cummings: Will Cervi, Rees Draminski, and Priyanka Kargupta for the app, Foodspin
MD-08 Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Brian Fisher for the app, The Black and White Newspaper

MA-02 Rep. James P. McGovern: Arun Jeevanantham and Da-Jin Chu for the app, Sandbox: A Gesture Based Calculator
MA-04 Rep. Joe Kennedy III: Hannah Cole, Maya Modi, Gretchen Zhang, and Isabel Bulman for the app, Homework Helper
MA-06 Rep. Seth Moulton: Ronnie Lusso for the app, Math Warrior
MA-07 Rep. Mike Capuano: Kayla Bowdre, Pedro Veras, Liu Xiao Ting, and Maria Melisa Arias for the app, Vote 2016: Inside Many Languages
MA-09 Rep. William Keating: Justin Gaiser and Alec Lawrence for the app, The Handy-Dandy Guide to Sign Language

MI-04 Rep. John Moolenaar: Joshua Jacobson for the app, Group Manager
MI-07 Rep. Tim Walberg: Levi Rogers for the app, Life style Tracker

MN-03 Rep. Erik Paulsen: Maha, Madeeha, and Mia for the app, Restaurant Chatbot

NV-01 Rep. Dina Titus: Ingrid Perez, Jennifer Hernandez, and Leilany Delgadillo for the app, Unique
NV-03 Rep. Joe Heck: Tiana Bhankohleing, Zoe Delapaz, and Kaitlyn Zhang for the app, Promise Playground
NV-04 Rep. Cresent Hardy: Tyler Frehner, Derek Mathews for the app, ACT Word Help

New Hampshire
NH-01 Rep. Frank Guinta: Chanseo Bae for the app, No Profanity Keyboard

New Jersey
NJ-02 Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo: Connor Bondi, Leslie Baez, and Logan Willis for the app, County College Class Conversion
NJ-04 Rep. Chris Smith: Connor Bruneau, Kevin Dixson, Steven Topper, and Armando LaMastra for the app, RecoLecture
NJ-05 Rep. Scott Garrett: Brian Mejia for the app, Politext
NJ-06 Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr.: Steven Vorona, Rishi Salwi, and Charvi Shah for the app, ParkinSafe
NJ-07 Rep. Leonard Lance: Alexander Frolov, Mohnish Sabhani, and Kevin Zhang for the app, Hill Happenings
NJ-10 Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr.: Ayobami Adewale for the app, Learning Chinese
NJ-11 Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen: Sangjun Ko, Kelly Wallert, and Sruthi Soorian for the app, Book Browser
NJ-12 Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman: Kayla Leung, Samantha Lau and Rachael Lau for the app, SaveBB

New Mexico
NM-03 Rep. Ben Ray Lujan: Roman Bell for the app, “Newton’s Law of Industrialism”

New York
NY-04 Rep. Kathleen Rice: Joseph Mueller, Bryan Guda, Malcom Hylton, and Vincent Rodrigues for the app, CiaChow
NY-08 Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Carlos Mayer for the app, FRWD
NY-10 Rep. Jerrold Nadler: Sharon Lin for the app, iVOTE
NY-11 Rep. Daniel M. Donovan, Jr.: Robert Avenoso for the app, SlayaOs
NY-21 Rep. Elise Stefanik: Abi Gustafson and Andrew Meseck for the app, Train Rain
NY-25 Rep. Louise Slaughter: Michelle Russotti, Emily Phelan, and Lilly Wellman for the app, FutureUSports

North Carolina
NC-02 Rep. Renee Ellmers: Sanjana Sundhar for the app, School Meds Made Easy
NC-04 Rep. David Price: Michael Webb, Amon Ferrell, Abijah Gibson, and Nassir Ford for the app, Keep Me Safe
NC-06 Rep. Mark Walker: Varun Nair, Nicholas Day, Justin Kerr, and Ali Chaudhry for the app, PhoenixNow
NC-12 Rep. Alma Adams: Lynette Bright for the app, Treasure Chest

OH-12 Rep. Patrick Tiberi: to be announced.
OH-13 Rep. Tim Ryan: Pranav Padmanabhan for the app, PolitiViewr
OH-14 Rep. David Joyce: Gareth Jobling, Jake Carlson, and Justin Conley for the app, Drive Safe

OK-01 Rep. Jim Bridenstine: Lucas Jaggernauth for the app, Dev Games

OR-01 Rep. Suzanne Bonamici: Sneha Malineni for the app, Forget Me Not
OR-02 Rep. Greg Walden: Jordan Liebe, Courtney Cash, and Marvin Hozi for the app, Touch and Talk
OR-03 Rep. Earl Blumenauer: Marley Bennett and Juliette Coia for the app, fooDonate
OR-04 Rep. Peter DeFazio: John Shaver and Colby Montigue for the app, Addition Flyer

PA-06 Rep. Ryan Costello: Ariana Arrojado and Barbara Clay for the app, Take Me To…Travel Agency
PA-07 Rep. Pat Meehan: Shreyas Parab for the app, StartMeUp

Rhode Island
RI-01 Rep. David Cicilline: Haotian Lu, Zijun (James) Weng, Shiyuan Huang and Haoran Wen for the app, Tap_It

TN-06 Rep. Diane Black: Jonathan Layne, Perry Minnican, Andres Morales, and Chris Odom for the app, Monkeys Gone Bananas

TX-03 Rep. Sam Johnson: Riya Danait and Shambhavi Badi for the app, Talk To The Hand
TX-04 Rep. John Ratcliffe: Kaylee Kimbrough for the app, A2B
TX-07 Rep. John Culberson: Jeremy Singleton, Isabela Munera, Lorcan and Smith for the app, Recyclearn
TX-10 Rep. Michael McCaul: Eesha Nayak and Dia Jain for the app, Tutor Connect
TX-11 Rep. Mike Conaway: Shane Smiskol for the app, MarkovSMS
TX-15 Rep. Rubén Hinojosa: Gabriel Ramirez for the app, Fight: Conquer Diabetes by Tracking Your Health
TX-20 Rep. Joaquin Castro : Lemuel Wilson for the app, Game of Flags
TX-23 Rep. Will Hurd: Emmanuel Oyervides and Lorenzo Holguin for the app, IDME
TX-27 Rep. Blake Farenthold: Katherine Steinhauer for the app, MyDoc

UT-03 Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Dylan Robson for the app, Daily Read
UT-04 Rep. Mia Love: AaronMcKenney for the app, My Voice

VA-03 Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott: Tyler Marshall for the app, HourLogger
VA-08 Rep. Don Beyer: Rachel Naidich for the app, Robot Invasion
VA-10 Rep. Barbara Comstock: Logan Apple for the app, iSight
VA-11 Rep. Gerald Connolly: Angela He for the app, Suppressed

WA-01 Rep. Suzan DelBene: Abhinav Singh, Kush Khanolkar, and Kon Aoki for the app, Code Carbon
WA-02 Rep. Rick Larsen: Alexandria Kissas for the app, ListMe
WA-04 Rep. Dan Newhouse : Elijah Stidham, Jamas Middleton, and Toby Williams for the app, Trinity Complex
WA-07 Rep. Jim McDermott: Kasey Shibayama, Travis Neils, Steven Zhu, and Simon Acker for the app, Shorecrest Connect