We’re Launching Code at Home

Let’s Get Through This Together

These are extraordinary times. Roughly 90% of Americans have been ordered to “stay at home” in order to mitigate the risk of continuing to spread the COVID-19 virus. As of April 1st, 38 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico have issued stay-at-home orders. In total, about 297 million people are under some form of shelter in place as a result of the country’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus.

Naturally, this has radically disrupted the academic year for this nation’s students. As a result, parents and educators alike are desperately scrambling for ways to keep their students academically engaged and challenged.

Aware of this need, the team at the Congressional App Challenge has put together a comprehensive webpage full of free resources from our supporters that students can use to learn how to code from home. Our hope is that students can use this period of social distancing to sharpen their coding skills, learn how to collaborate virtually, and build apps that seek to better their communities in one way or another.

Pre-registration for the 2020 Congressional App Challenge has begun, and official registration begins on June 1, 2020. With the Code at Home initiative, students can sharpen their skills and prepare to code their future with the Congressional App Challenge.

About The Congressional App Challenge

The CAC is an initiative of the U.S. House of Representatives, where Members of Congress host contests in their districts for middle school and high school students, encouraging them to learn to code and inspiring them to pursue careers in computer science. The non-profit Internet Education Foundation provides the CAC with supplemental staffing and support. In the five years of the Congressional App Challenge, the program has yielded 1134 App Challenges across 49 states and territories. Thousands of functional apps have been created by over 25,000 students, and participant demographics surpass all industry diversity metrics.