300 House Members Host Congressional App Challenges

300 Strong

300 Members Hosting App Challenges

In case you missed it, 300 Members of Congress are hosting Congressional App Challenges this year, smashing the previous record of 225 districts.

The mission of the Congressional App Challenge is to inspire students from every corner of the country to explore STEM, coding, and computer science through hands-on practice, and we\’re thrilled that this program is now available to over two-thirds of American students. This is a 35% increase over last year\’s total, marking the largest singe-year expansion in the history of the program. Freshman Members of the 116th Congress have been a major source of growth for the program.

Over 75% of freshman Members of Congress are hosting Congressional App Challenges in 2019, helping to expand the challenge to new districts across the country.

Students can register and submit their applications for the Congressional App Challenge through November 1st, 2019.

Supporting a Growing Program

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The Congressional App Challenge is proud to announce that Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Facebook, and CGI Federal are now official sponsors of the Congressional App Challenge. As the Congressional App Challenge continues to grow, so too do the financial demands of the program, and these organizations are joining our roster of sponsors to ensure that every student in America has an opportunity to take the Congressional App Challenge.

Know of an organization that would like to support the Congressional App Challenge\’s mission? The program is still accepting sponsors for the 2019 App Challenge and beyond. Click here to learn more about how to support this growing program.