‘Batter Up’: Congressional Baseball Game players are ready to host!

Just last week, the Republicans and Democrats squared off in Nationals’ Stadium for the Congressional Baseball Game. The game, created in 1909 to raise money for charity, gives viewers a rare show of bipartisanship while allowing Members of Congress to dig out their old bats and gloves. 

Coincidentally, just one day later, the Congressional App Challenge hosted by Congress launched its ninth iteration!

For the third year in a row, Republicans hoisted the trophy above their heads in a resounding 16-6 victory against the Democrats. On the Democrats’ side, coaches Rep. Linda Sanchez and Rep. Bill Pascrell welcomed ten new players to the field who showed hope throughout the impending defeat.

Even though the game was just about decided early on, the energy from the stands kept the score close in the minds of onlookers from either side of the aisle. 

Click on our score card to see which Reps are hosting!

While the competitive spirit certainly shows through on the field, it is always refreshing to see a show of camaraderie for a greater cause!

This year, forty two players were Members of Congress hosting app challenges in their respective districts. Like the baseball game, the Congressional App Challenge is a time to set aside political bearings and promote tech accessibility to children across the United States. 

The 2023 Congressional App Challenge is currently open and constituents from participating districts are able to submit apps. If chosen as a district winner, students are given the chance to come to see their apps displayed in the U.S. Capitol building. 

For more details on the App Challenge, please visit this link and explore the rest of our website! To find your representative, please view the roster below!




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