Called to Code: Congress Launches 2022 App Challenge

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives has come together to launch the 2022 Congressional App Challenge. Over 250 Members of Congress have already signed up to host App Challenges in their districts, with more expected in the coming weeks. Registration is now open for students, and more detailed rules and guidelines can be found on our website.

Apple Kickstarted the App Challenge with a Coding Education Event for Students

The Congressional App Challenge partnered with Apple to celebrate the launch of the 2022 Congressional App Challenge earlier this afternoon. Over 1,500 students pre-registered for the 2022 App Challenge, nearly 20% of all participants from the 2021 challenge. By the end of the event, some students had already submitted their applications for this year’s challenge.

Representative Young Kim (CA-39) addressed the students, saying “I am proud of you for challenging your skills and working hard to learn more. I know you will blow us away in this year’s App Challenge.”

Over 100 students tuned in to learn directly from the Apple Education team about how to prototype and build real iOS apps in Swift Playgrounds 4.1. Apple Education’s demonstration featured engaging tutorials, the ability to build apps using SwiftUI, and an all-new App Gallery with sample apps that walk through important concepts. During the session, Apple showed how to take an idea and turn it into a working user interface in Swift Playgrounds, and shared resources to help the students build amazing apps.

The submission deadline for this year’s App Challenge is November 1st, and winning students from across the nation will be celebrated at the U.S. Capitol next spring. To learn more about the Congressional App Challenge, visit our website.

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