Congress Paves the Way for STEM Brilliance in Record-Breaking 2023 App Challenge

The 2023 Congressional App Challenge has officially come to a close – and what a year it’s been! This year’s Challenge saw an unprecedented level of participation, with 374 Members of the House of Representatives hosting competitions, surpassing the previous record of 340. As a nationwide competition encouraging students to pursue careers in STEM and computer science, this resounding show of bipartisan support emphasizes the critical importance of STEM education in today’s rapidly evolving world.


A remarkable 11,334 students from across the United States competed in this year’s Challenge, marking an impressive increase of nearly 1,000 participants compared to the previous record set in 2019. The enthusiasm and creativity these students display is a testament to the growing interest in technology and signal a bright future for American innovation.

The surge of ingenuity continued with a whopping 3,645 original applications flooding in, nearly a thousand more than the previous year’s high. This remarkable growth showcases the exceptional talent and innovation within our nation’s youth.


Let’s talk about AI – this year, over 25% of the submitted apps harnessed the power of artificial intelligence, showcasing an astonishing leap into the future of technology development.

Members of Congress will announce their winning apps directly in December. These exceptional students will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of technology and will serve as inspirations for their peers and future generations of innovators.

Now, more than ever, organizations have a golden opportunity to stand behind the Congressional App Challenge. By becoming supporters of this incredible bipartisan initiative, they’ll not only be nurturing innovation, but also nurturing the future leaders of the tech industry. This is about more than just corporate citizenship – it’s about shaping a future where America leads the world in technological advancement. Organizations interested in sponsoring Congress’ official App Challenge can contact Program Director Joseph Alessi directly.

The 2023 Congressional App Challenge is not just a competition; it’s a movement. It’s a beacon of hope for the future, and a testament to the power of bipartisan collaboration in advancing STEM education. We extend our gratitude to all the students, Members of Congress, and supporting organizations who made this year’s Challenge a resounding success.

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