Debugged S2E5: Building Impactful Apps with Natalia Luzuriaga

Happy New Year!! Kicking off 2023 with a special episode with trailblazing app entrepreneur and former winner of the Congressional App Challenge, Natalia Luzuriaga!  Head on over to listen to it now on all streaming platforms!

Welcome back to the alumni-led Congressional App Challenge Debugged Podcast!  If you’re new to Debugged, here’s a bit about the podcast. 

Launched last year by the Congressional App Challenge Alumni Advisory Board, the Debugged Podcast connects the country’s youth with tech by *debugging* the intricate world of Computer Science. By highlighting trends, simplifying complex concepts, and speaking with high profile guests, Debugged allows its listeners to delve into tech in an analytical yet relatable way. Debugged is a unique podcast experience that seeks to redefine STEM education, highlight diverse voices, and further the narrative around a myriad of Computer Science topics. Some past guests include Ruthe Farmer, Yannic Kilcher, and Trisha Prabhu.  

In this episode of Debugged, Medha Gupta chats with Natalia Luzuriaga, a senior undergraduate studying computer science at UCLA and co-founder of the app, Hussle.  Luzuriaga shares her amazing journey from learning how to code on Codecademy to winning her district’s Congressional App Challenge, in which she coded an app called Speech, which aims to help people improve their English pronunciation.  In continuing efforts to solve real problems and inspire change through apps, Luzuriaga used React Native to create a marketplace mobile app for students to monetize their skills by offering freelance services and selling homemade products to peers in college communities.  Be sure to tune in to learn all about Luzuriaga’s inspiring journey as an entrepreneur using technology to create positive impact!

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