Debugged S3 E3: From PM to CEO – Jason Toff Goes 3D

Hi All! Welcome back to Debugged, the Congressional App Challenge’s alumni-led podcast that connects the country’s youth with technology by debugging the intricate world of computer science!

Jason Toff envisions a future where 3D interfaces define the ways we interact with computers. So much of what we do is online, and just as inevitably as television turned to color, how we interact with technology will begin to shape itself around how we interact with the real world.

In the third episode of Debugged Season Three, host Medha Gupta chats with the CEO of venture-backed startup Things, Inc., Jason Toff. The company behind, Things aims to revolutionize the way people create in 3D, to ensure that anyone can shape the future.

Sharing his motivations behind launching Rooms, Jason Toff talks about the AR/VR innovations of today, and how like the Apple Vision Pro are a window into the future—but not the end-all be-all.

He touches on how AR/VR technology will affect major industries like construction and e-commerce, and what sparked his interest in business and entrepreneurship.

Jason Toff was not always working at his own startup. As an ex-Google, Meta, and Twitter product manager, he shares lessons learned from his decades of experience working in big tech. And addressing what inspired him to take the leap to starting his own company, he outlines many of the key differences between the two distinct company cultures.

To the many Debugged listeners interested in both computer science and entrepreneurship—we’re looking at you, App Challengers!—Toff shares his insights about both gaining real-world experience, and selecting which of your passions are worth pursuing as a major in higher education. Additionally, he relays some of the best pieces of advice he’s gotten from the various mentors throughout his career—as well as some he wishes he would have dismissed.

Tune in to the newest episode of Debugged to hear more about Jason Toff’s fascinating career, and insights into the future of AI/VR!

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