Debugged S3 E2: The Inside Scoop of Tech Reporting with Kelcee Griffis

What’s up Challengers!! Welcome back to Debugged, the Congressional App Challenge’s alumni-led podcast that connects the country’s youth with technology by debugging the intricate world of computer science!

In this episode, host Medha Gupta interviews Kelcee Griffis, a journalist at The Morning Brew who reports on the consumer technology that connects us all. Griffis touches on how she went from reporting on intellectual property and the judiciary during her time at Law360 and Bloomberg Law, to having an interest in covering consumer technology.

She discusses the qualities of a good reporter, the most hectic and rewarding times of her career, and her key takeaways from communicating technical ideas to non-technical audiences.

She shares her insights into emerging trends in the industry she follows, including AI/VR, generative AI, new Wi-Fi technologies, and their use cases and intersections! Interviewing experts, attending FCC meetings, and getting involved with leaders in the tech world on a regular basis, Griffis shares how she overcame the intimidating nature of covering a rapidly changing industry as events unfold. Plus, she touched on her research process that allows her to discover so much about what’s new in the world of consumer technology!

Finally, to aspiring journalists or technologists, Kelcee Griffis shares the one piece of advice she thinks is most important for young listeners like you, and the one piece of advice she wishes someone had given to her younger self. Tune in to second episode of Debugged Season 3 to hear the full story of Griffis’ career being a journalist covering the world of technology, and the most insightful lessons and observations she has to share from her work!

More about Debugged

Founded in 2021 by the Congressional App Challenge’s Alumni Advisory Board, Debugged is a unique podcast experience that seeks to redefine STEM education, shine a light on diverse voices, and further the narrative around a myriad of computer science topics. By highlighting trends in the industry, breaking down complicated concepts, and interviewing high profile guests, listeners are given the opportunity to delve into the world of technology in an analytical yet engaging way.

Debugged is free to stream on your favorite platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more via! To be the first to know about new episodes, and to learn more about the team of 11 alumni behind every one, follow @cacdebugged on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). Thank you so much for your viewership; we hope you enjoy the episode!