RSVP for #HouseOfCode: House Members Host CS & STEM Science Fair For Student App Developers

Join us for the New National Computer Science Fair!

April 7th – April 9th, 2021

In two weeks, the House of Representatives will host #HouseOfCode, largest student app developer demo day of its kind. Hundreds of Members of Congress will virtually host their districts’ Congressional App Challenge winners for a student demo day unlike anything else in Washington, and you’re invited to join them!

You’ll hear from top lawmakers on computer science and STEM education and have the chance to review over 100 award-winning apps from some of the best student coders in America. In six short years, #HouseOfCode has become the new National Science Fair – and you can be part of it! [see previous #HouseOfCode].

Kickoff and Keynotes

Wednesday, April 7th

#HouseOfCode opens with a Kickoff and Keynotes session on Wednesday, April 7th. Members of Congress and friends of the Congressional App Challenge will join hundreds of award-winning App Challengers to share their thoughts on STEM-related issues and personal stories about the Congressional App Challenge. Please find a list of keynote speakers below.


The Kickoff and Keynotes session is open to the general public, so be sure to RSVP using the link below.

Student Demonstrations

Friday, April 9th

Thousands of students participated in this year’s Congressional App Challenge, and hundreds of winners from districts across the country will be demonstrating their winning applications to Congress and the general public on Friday, April 9th.

These students rose to the occasion during such an unprecedented year, with over 50% of apps aiming to alleviate issues created by COVID-19.  #HouseOfCode will celebrate the ingenuity and creativity displayed by our students. You can view the full list of winners demonstrating at #HouseOfCode and RSVP for #HouseOfCode using the link below. Don’t miss out!