Debugged S3 E6: The 3D Revolution – Thinking Outside the Box with Alon Grinshpoon

Hello! Welcome back to Debugged, the Congressional App Challenge’s alumni-led podcast that connects the country’s youth with technology by debugging the intricate world of computer science.

In this episode, host Medha Gupta chats with Alon Grinshpoon, CEO of echo3D, a content management system for 3D. Grinshpoon is an engineer at heart, having earned his MSc in Computer Science at Columbia University in 3D/VR/AR, and his BSc in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, specializing in cloud technology and distributed networks.

After seeing his first VR headset at a Microsoft store seven years ago, though, his interest expanded beyond just the backend. He was amazed by the technology, and all of the potential use cases—a few of which he would later discover during his time scrubbing in to surgeries to prepare 3D guides at Columbia University. As a sleep connoisseur being forced to wake up at 6am to participate, and someone who was always interested in starting a business, he founded echo3D to create a generalized solution to 3D asset management, that could be applied across all different industries.

Having raised 1.9 million dollars for his company from notable programs including Techstars, Grinshpoon shares his advice on networking, building great teams, and pitching your idea for validation. Additionally, he shares insightful predictions about a future where 3D, AR, and VR technologies can create amazing experiences for consumers—unlocking a new layer of reality.

Tune in to the newest episode of Debugged to hear more about Alon Grinshpoon’s fascinating career, and insights into the 3D future!

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