The Congressional App Challenge is doing great things in 2021 – and you can help!

App Challenge goals for 2021

The Congressional App Challenge, a revolutionary initiative of the United States Congress to get more American students involved in STEM fields, is the largest and most diverse student computer science competition of its kind. This program blends the unparalleled imprimatur and reach of the United States House of Representatives with the innovation and agility of the tech sector to inspire students from every congressional district in the nation to try their hand at computer science. Each Fall, thousands of students from across the nation compete in hyper-local App Challenges hosted by their Members of Congress, with one winner from each district receiving an invite to the Capitol to display their winning app for Congress.

After a record setting 2020 competition that saw the App Challenge fill the critical educational gap created by COVID-19 for thousands of students, the program is setting even more ambitious goals for 2021, but we need your help to make it possible!

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Participation Goals

In 2021, the Congressional App Challenge aims to reach 15,000 students from 350 congressional districts in all 50 states. This would represent record setting years in all three categories, with student participation increasing 50% over the current program record. To make this a reality, the App Challenge is working to bring onboard more Members of Congress than ever before, ensuring the program is open to nearly every American student.

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Demographic Goals

In 2021, the Congressional App Challenge aims to ensure at least 45% of 2021 students identify as girls, 15% of 2021 students identify as Black, 3% of students identify as Native American, Native Alaskan, or Native Pacific Islander. The program also aims to host 33% of App Challenges in rural districts. To make this a reality, the App Challenge is working closely with non-profit leaders working closely in underserved communities across the nation.

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Fundraising Goals

In 2021, the Congressional App Challenge aims to raise $500,000 to ensure the program can meet the goals above. The Congressional App Challenge is made possible through the support of private sector sponsorship, without which the program would not exist. If goals are met, this would represent a cost of only $33 per student, an incredible return on investment for such a diverse program.

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Why Support The Program?

The Congressional App Challenge leverages the unique geographic representation of Congress to inspire a truly diverse generation of STEM talent. Don’t just take it from us, here’s what winners of the 2020 Congressional App Challenge had to say about how the program inspired them to do great things in their communities and beyond.

Getting involved

Our team can’t make the above a reality without your help, and that all starts with funding. If you know of an organization that would be interested in assisting Congress in executing the 2021 Congressional App Challenge, please contact our sponsorship team immediately. If your organization can help expand our reach to new communities, please be sure to register as a partner organization. If you’re interested in helping personally, you can sign up to be a guest judge in the 2021 App Challenge.

The 2021 Congressional App Challenge will launch in late June.