House Representatives Inspire Future Tech Talent Workers for Northern New Jersey Area Tech Companies and UPS’ World Technology Headquarters in Mahwah

Map of Mahwah New Jersey

Northern New Jersey is fast becoming a technology hub before the state, anchored by UPS’ World Technology Center in Mahwah. The four Representatives in the United States Congress in that region are working to inspire young student constituents to pursue technology and computer science jobs offered by UPS and other startups. Each of the Representatives are hosting a Congressional App Challenge for their students. The Congressional App Challenge has become the most prestigious prize in student computer science.

The winners of these competitions are invited to the United States Capitol to demonstrate their apps to Members of Congress at an event called #HouseOfCode (recap). Rep Josh Gottheimer reviewed the app created by his area student winner Jenna Sigman’s app ICEPAC, an emergency health app (photo). In just two years #HousOfCode has grown about 140%.

Below are the winning teams representing districts from New Jersey in the UPS World Technology Headquarters region that demonstrated their apps at the 2019 #HouseOfCode.

– (NJ-05) Josh Gottheimer: ICEPAC

– (NJ-09) Bill Pascrell Jr.: !Pill

– (NJ-11) Mikie Sherrill: sPeach

Other New Jersey winners include:

– (NJ-01) Pierre Yan FitBite

– (NJ-02) Leo Shao, Alex Cohen and Vicky Zheng: Flashcard with Friends

– (NJ-04) Erica Sammarco and Anthony Sasso: BrainHack

– (NJ-10) Paul Niziolek and Gurvir Singh: The Trials

– (NJ-12) Rahul Shah, Samuel Miserendino, Karen He and Varun Ramani: Questlin

Links to all the New Jersey winners:

Additionally, another New York Representative in the UPS World Technology HQ region has hosted a challenge in recent years.

– (NY-18) Sean Maloney

These organizations support the House of Representatives’ Congressional App Challenge.

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