House of Representatives providing future tech talent for booming Dallas-Fort Worth tech companies like Toyota Connected

Toyota Plano HQ


A Dallas Morning News article published last year highlighted the desperate need for tech talent in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region. Toyota Connected,Toyota’s global technology division, is desperately seeking workers with computer science and technology skills in the area. Companies in the Plano-Dallas area are not alone in this regard. Unfilled STEM jobs is a national crisis, and it will continue to grow as more than 2 million tech jobs go unfilled. 

Five Representatives in the United States Congress representing this Texas region are working to inspire young student constituents to pursue technology and computer science jobs offered by Toyota Connected and other companies. These Representatives are hosting a Congressional App Challenge for their student constituents who may one day work at these companies in the region. 

The Congressional App Challenge has become the most prestigious prize in student computer science. Historically, there have been talented students that have gone underrepresented in computer science. Through the Congressional App Challenge, Members of Congress are bridging the gap and inspiring overlooked students to code. 

The winners of these competitions are invited to the United States Capitol to demonstrate their apps to Members of Congress at an event called #HouseOfCode (recap). In just two years #HouseOfCode has grown about 140%, and keeps growing as more participation from rural districts increases. 

Below are the winning teams representing districts from the Toyota Motor North America Inc. region who demonstrated their apps at the 2019 #HouseOfCode.

  • Van Taylor (TX03) – MediManage
  • Colin Allred (TX32) – School Alert
  • Marc Veasy (TX33) – Scape

Other Texas winners from the region who were unable to demonstrate at #HouseOfCode. 

  • John Ratcliffe (TX04) – Pixel Buster 
  • Eddie Johnson (TX30) – EZ Voter

Other Texas winners who presented at #HouseOfCode

  • Lizzie Fletcher (TX07) – Relego: Vergil
  • Vicente Gonzalez (TX15) – Mercedes
  • Veronica Escobar (TX16) – Just Breathe
  • Joaquin Castro (TX20) – AP GO POW!
  • Pete Olson (TX22) – See and Stay
  • Will Hurd (TX23) – Drive Safe
  • Filemon Vela (TX34) – DailyWrite

Other Texas winners can be found on our page! (link)

These organizations support the House of Representatives’ Congressional App Challenge.

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