Debugged S3 E5: From Code to Canvas: Samah El Hage on AI, Art, and Sustainability

Hello! Welcome back to Debugged, the Congressional App Challenge’s alumni-led podcast that connects the country’s youth with technology by debugging the intricate world of computer science.

In this episode, host Medha Gupta chats with Samah El Hage, a recognized influencer in the world of technology and AI known for her innovative approach and forward-thinking ideas. Growing up, Hage was always interested in how technology worked—whether it be cars, clocks, or TVs. This curiosity led her to a career where she gets to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech industry.

Having led the development of advanced technological solutions in the automotive and telecom industries, Hage discusses the importance of treating every failure as a learning opportunity, as well as how she’s practiced this throughout her work. She discusses how innovation isn’t just about having groundbreaking ideas, it’s about persistence and passion, as well.

While Hage has a strong background in computer science engineering, she is also a contemporary artist. She shares her insights into the parallels between art and technology, and how the two worlds can overlap through the similarly creative processes of coding and painting.

Having recognized technology as a primary factor in how the future is shaped, her books Redefine the Lead and Next Generation Motherhood have made her an accomplished author. In her interview, she touches briefly on the importance of these topics as well: the impact technology has on the future, especially future generations, and how leadership and motherhood need to adapt.

Hage has a deep understanding of the complex relationships between technology and societal progress. Tune in to the newest episode of Debugged to hear more about her fascinating career, her insights into the future, and her advice for aspiring technological innovators.

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