Inspiring the Next Generation: Join Us at #HouseOfCode to Witness the Future of Tech

Mark your calendars for April 11th! #HouseOfCode is just a few weeks away, and as we enter our tenth year, we’re more excited than ever before to showcase the incredible talents that the Congressional App Challenge has fostered. Don’t miss out on the most exciting demo day in Washington.

A letter from the desk of Program Director Joseph Alessi:

As I celebrate five years leading the Congressional App Challenge, I’ve become accustomed to a certain degree of disbelief when talking about this incredible program. People across Washington, and across the country, cannot believe that Congress is hosting a competition this inspiring and this cool. Congress is not perceived as a place for innovation, especially technological innovation, and it’s also not known for its youth. That’s why I’ve often been met with incredulity when I tell people that Congress hosts an annual App Challenge for students across the country – and that thousands of students participate each year.

Whether you’re overcoming your own disbelief as you learn about the Congressional App Challenge for the first time or you’ve been a champion of the program from day one, one thing that holds true is that there’s no better way to truly understand the power of this incredible program than seeing this Congressionally-inspired student innovation firsthand. In that spirit, I’m delighted to extend an invitation to Members of Congress, the D.C. tech community, and STEM advocates worldwide to join us for #HouseOfCode on April 11, 2024, at the U.S. Capitol. 

As the Program Director of the Congressional App Challenge, I’m honored to collaborate with Congress in fostering the most diverse generation of STEM talent in our nation’s history. The Congressional App Challenge, at its core, serves as a nationwide initiative that motivates students to employ their creativity and coding abilities to develop applications that address real-world challenges. After five years of leading this program, I am still amazed and inspired by the growing ingenuity and creativity that these students display each year. 

This event will showcase over 360 students from 48 states demonstrating their winning apps from the 2023 Congressional App Challenge. In addition to exhibiting their talents, these young innovators will engage with their peers, Members of Congress, industry leaders, tech influencers, and STEM supporters who share their passion for technology and innovation. #HouseofCode is not just significant not just for the students, but for all participants who have the opportunity to witness the remarkable potential of the next generation of tech trailblazers. By attending this event, you will see the boundless possibilities that await the world if we continue to invest in our youth and our future. 

I urge you to mark your calendars for April 11, 2024, and join me at #HouseOfCode to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the Congressional App Challenge winners and to be inspired by driven young people on a mission to do good. Together, let’s strive to build a world where innovation flourishes and where our youth pursue impactful solutions that turn dreams into reality.